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Dr. Evelyn Higgins

Founder and CEO, Wired for Addiction, TEDx Speaker, Author.

About Dr. Higgins


Dr. Higgins is a recognized international expert in the epidemiology of substance use disorders, process addictions, and mental health conditions. She is a graduate of the SUNY with postgraduate studies at Harvard Medical School in Body, Mind, and Spirit medicine. A Diplomate in Addiction and Compulsive Disorders, she is also a member of the Pharmacogene Variation Consortium, is a Certified Addictionologist and a Diplomate of the American Board of Disability. Dr. Higgins’ work with addictions and primary mental health conditions led her to invent the patent-pending custom genetic panel utilized exclusively by her companies Wired For Addiction™ and the Neurotransmitter Reset Program™.
Dr. Higgins has had the honor of facilitating conversations between Washington lawmakers, clinicians, and scientists over the course of the last seven Presidential Administrations. Privileged to advise the U.S. Surgeon General on Physical Activity & Women’s Health, she went on to become the Regional Advisor on economic, social, and political issues to the government of South Africa for the 2004 Olympic Bid.
Dr. Higgins is a keynote speaker and has had the distinct honor of presenting her ground-breaking work in addiction recovery to the International Society of Substance Use Professionals, the International Society of Addiction Medicine, the International Gambling Conference, the National Alliance to Stop Impaired Driving,, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and to TEDx Jacksonville.
In 1996, Dr. Higgins was selected as a community hero and bestowed the privilege of being an Olympic torchbearer. She has served as the official team doctor for the 1996 Somali Olympic team.
Dr. Higgins’ radio show has won the prestigious Gracie Award for Outstanding Lifestyle programming. She has been featured in All Access, Talkers Magazine, and Levine Breaking News. Dr. Higgins was honored as a broadcaster to participate in the United Nations Radio Talk Day, interviewing global goodwill ambassadors such as actor Ed Norton, Stevie Wonder, the director of WHO, UN Women, and others. With a heart for philanthropy, Dr. Higgins served as Executive Director to a global NGO based in Tanzania, later donating her time to the Jupiter Medical Center Women’s Health Advisory Council, as well as a board member of Veterans Resource Services.
A 2021 Nominee For Modern Healthcare Magazine’s Top 25 Innovators in Healthcare, Dr. Higgins has had many appearances on national and local television, including NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, FOX News, and many more.

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